Methods of Admission

Admission is conducted entirely by the staffs of our program. There are three different methods of admission:

  • Our program will be accepting students through college entrance examination, specific subject examinations and the New College Admission Process (繁星計畫). Our program is divided into three groups, the Electro Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Applied Chemistry group (each group will accept 5 students). Students who entered our program will remain in their original major and with the additional title “Dual-Degree: ‘Interdisciplinary Science Degree Program’”. Students will be studying and learning with students from their original major.
  • Students who have been admitted to the College of Science of NCTU as a freshman student can apply and enter our program before school starts.
  • Students in the College of Science of NCTU, who are moving on to their second and third year, can apply and enter our program before summer begins.
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