The Knowledge Wold Requires More Interdisciplinary Education

After entering into the twenty-first century, interdisciplinary knowledge has became essential due to the fading borders between different subject areas and the rising demand of interdisciplinary personnel from the scientific research and the high tech industry. However, most current domestic universities begin to differentiate individual subjects too soon, removing the requirements of mandatory credits from fundamental subjects, which causes

The basic concept of the interdisciplinary dual-degree program, “Interdisciplinary Science Degree Program”, is to create a new learning method and to provide a revolutionary framework that aims to train personnel with interdisciplinary fundamentals and applications. Through the courses planned elaborately, students are able to discover their talents and enthusiasm, and to become an elite individual in both the fields of education and business.


Diamond Class Interdisciplinary Learning Environment

The major teaching principles of the Interdisciplinary Science Degree Program are listed below:

  1. Solid Course Arrangements: Reinforces the fundamentals through intensive physics, chemistry, calculus, and biology courses. Focuses on building one’s creativity and problem solving abilities.
  2. Interdisciplinary Training: Other then the major courses, our program also focuses on interdisciplinary training, which includes important courses and research programs from the Interdisciplinary department.
  3. Active Counseling: Each student will have two counselors, each from a different department, who will guide each student according to their hobby and ambition. Through active counseling, students will become closer to their professors, which will also give the students a lot of opportunity to learn things from them. Other than knowledge, we also focus on the development of students’ personality and worldview.

Complete post-graduate Arrangement: Activities will be arranged and lead by the professors during the winter and summer breaks. Activities include: visiting famous laboratory, certain seminars, scientific educational activities, or small interdisciplinary plans. We will also be counseling students during the third and fourth year in order to prepare them for famous research centers. Or we can provide scholarships for students to study aboard for half or one year. Outstanding students might be given a chance to start pursuing their PhD or to study aboard.

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