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Excellent Interdisciplinary Learning Environment

NCTU’s College of Science made out of the Electro Physics major, Applied Mathematics major, Applied Chemistry major, and the Interdisciplinary Science Degree Program, as well as the Physics, Statistics, Molecular Science, and Modeling and Scientific Calculation Institutes. NCTU’s College of Science contains an excellent faculty and a total of 106 qualified professors, which includes 2 academicians from the Academia Sinica, 2 national lecturer, and 16 NCTU lecturers. Our college focuses on basic and applied scientific research. Over the years, we have been given 4 awards from the Ministry of Education, 10 awards from the National Science Council, and 2 Wu Ta-You awards. The evaluation by the Ministry of Education this year naturally rated our college as “excellent”. Our college is well funded and contains one of the best lab equipment for educational use. We also perform large state and integrated type plans. Therefore, not only will students benefit from the useful resources from the college of science, they will also be allowed to major in the following majors: The Electro Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Applied Chemistry major.

  1. Students in our program will receive the “Interdisciplinary Science Degree Course Program” degree, as well as the Dual-degree of Science for their original major.
  2. Students can increase their competitiveness in the future after studying in interdisciplinary courses.
  3. Students in our program will receive priority when applying for a graduate foreign exchange student program. Currently, NCTU is collaborating with University of California, Berkeley, University of Illinois, New York Institute of Technology and University of Paris XI in exchange student and dual degree programs.
  4. Students in our program will be given the chance to participate in world-class research assignments. They will also be given priority recommendation when applying for the “Horse of a Thousand Meter Project (千里馬計畫)” as well as scholarship from the department of education. Students will also be recommended for studying abroad for half to one year or to attend world class scientific researches.
  5. Students in our program will be given priory to any scholarships.
  6. Students in our program will receive priority when applying for our University for the Doctorate Degree.
  7. Each student will still have their own major, meaning that they will never feel out of place. If a student decides to forfeit after entering out program, then they can always return to their original major.
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