To follow the plan that students shouldn’t be assigned to any major before college and because interdisciplinary individuals are the trend of our time, the department of science has decided to cooperate with the outstanding classes from famous high schools. This is done through the usage of long term counseling, and selection based on the high school students interest in basic science. Students are admitted through the cooperation of the institute and through college examinations (Students will have to select a major, as well as our degree program Students will be awarded with a degree from their original major with the addition of “Dual Degree: Interdisciplinary Science Degree Program”).

Other than that, our department also focuses on selecting and admitting first and second year students who are interested in basic science. Other than the courses from the original major, the courses in our degree program is specially designed to provide vigorous training in interdisciplinary science. “Interdisciplinary Science Degree Program” has started to admit students from this campus since the academic year of 2006. At the academic year of 2008, we started to admit students from outside. Students entering our degree program must have a major (Applied Mathematics, Applied Chemistry, or Electrophysics Degree). Other than taking courses assigned by our degree program, students will also take programs opened specially for interdisciplinary science degree. Also, students in our degree program will have “dual counselors” who will support students with both personal and academic problems. If students fulfilled the requirements and the courses required by the original major and our degree program, he or she will be awarded with the dual degree from “Interdisciplinary Science Degree Program” as well as the student’s original major.

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